Welcome to Year 12
Joining the Sixth Form is an exciting time; timetables are personalised to students' needs, there is the chance to develop new and wider skills through enrichment opportunities and we will endeavour to help students to make maximum progress during their time with us. The relationship between staff and students becomes one of mutual support and the opportunities to develop clear career pathways are evident in all curriculum areas.

The transition arrangements from Year 11 to 12 can be visited in the section ‘Transition to Year 11-12’ but the key dates are:

November 14th -
Post 16 Open Evening
January -
LeCap forms submitted
February/March -
April -
Letters of Acceptance
September -
Enrolment and Induction

During a typical week students will have approximately 20 hours of timetabled lesson time – the remaining 5 hours in the ‘standard’ day comprise the students ‘independent study time’. During this time, and at home, the expectation is that students will work independently on their subjects.

There is no formal dress code for sixth form students although smart dress is expected. Students have the option of leaving the site during their ‘free’ time. In addition, study facilities are provided until 5.00pm for students to remain in the Learning Resource Centre [LRC] to undertake independent study.

During the year students will be involved in a pastoral programme which will be driven by the Sixth Form tutor team. This runs during morning registration with a specific focus to start each day, and then during other timetabled sessions focusing on students developing key study skills that will enable them to be independent learners, such as: revision and exam techniques; managing their own time outside of lessons; research and using journals/ books/ Internet to support their learning in the different subject areas, and more. Being independent learners is a key part of our vision and something we believe will ultimately lead to students’ success.

You will see below the experienced pastoral team that will be supporting your son / daughter. Tutors will work with a group of approximately 20-25 students monitoring their progress, mentoring them in terms of both their social and academic development and being a direct contact for parents.

Sixth Form Student Handbook

Achievement Co-ordinator Ms A Lidbury

Mrs Beeden-Simpson
Mrs Aldridge
Mr Kelly
Mr Austin
Mr Bhatt
Mrs Plumtree
Ms Douglas
Mr Dankwah
Mr Harbour
Ms Beattie

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