Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that every student enjoys and achieves. We believe in students being challenged and making progress according to ability not age and therefore have developed an innovative curriculum which is easily personalised on.

These opportunities provide clear pathways for students to stay beyond compulsory school age to gain further success in our thriving Sixth Form.

Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and committed to delivering the curriculum and looking for ways to improve the prospects for our students through creative solutions. The quality of teaching is good to outstanding throughout the age range. The relationship between teacher and student are the foundation of our success, resulting in a continuously improving trend of achievement.


Diagnosis- the teacher finds out what the students already know or can do e.g. questions, test.
Therapy – the teacher designs specific tasks to ensure students are supported and challenged to make progress.
Testing – the students’ work is assessed to ensure they have ‘mastered’ the skill or knowledge.

Students need to know for each unit or lesson what they are expected to know or be able to do. To support this process students will have:

  • a course calendar for each subject to show what they are studying and when
  • a Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) to show how well they are ‘mastering’ each skill in each subject.

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