We lead the way in offering an extensive and innovative range of courses. Students are given quality information and guidance before embarking on an appropriate progression route through education. The number and type of course is carefully considered with each student. The majority of students choose to stay on to our sixth form.

Students study a core of English and English Language, with the majority having taken English Literature in Year 10 [2 GCSE’s], Mathematics [1 or 2 GCSE’s] and a minimum of 2 Sciences [2 GCSE’s]. In addition all students will take part in Physical Education which has no exam attached.

The City of Leicester College’s 14-19 curriculum provides exceptional opportunities and can offer one of the widest and most varied choices of any school in Leicester. Although it is compulsory that students follow some ‘core’ subjects, we provide many alternative, personalised pathways for the curriculum that they choose.

We believe effective teaching is underpinned by the DTT (Diagnosis – Therapy – Testing) process.

Diagnosis- the teacher finds out what the students already know or can do e.g. questions, test.
Therapy – the teacher designs specific tasks to ensure students are supported and challenged to make progress.
Testing – the students’ work is assessed to ensure they have ‘mastered’ the skill or knowledge.

Students need to know for each unit or lesson what they are expected to know or be able to do. To support this process students will have:

  • a course calendar for each subject to show what they are studying and when
  • a Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) to show how well they are ‘mastering’ each skill in each subject.

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The Core Curriculum is part of the curriculum which you must follow.















Community languages

Students at The City of Leicester College are offered the possibility to take a GCSE and/or A level in a language they can speak/read/write and listen confidently.

Students are allowed to be entered for their Community Language exam from Year 11 onwards (Students are entered for the Higher tier only).

Over the past few years we have had a number of successful students achieving a GCSE and/or A level in the following languages: Gujarati, Italian, Panjabi, Greek, Arabic and Urdu.

For more information please contact the Head of MFL at GWilliams@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk