Leicester City Council manages the admissions for The City of Leicester College.

School Admissions postal address is:
City Hall
115 Charles Street
The Customer Service Centre is staffed by a team of officers who can deal with enquiries in person and is based at:
91 Granby Street

Telephone:  (0116) 454 1009
Email: admissions-online@leicester.gov.uk

Alternatively, applications can be made on-line at www.leicester.gov.uk/admissions

Once applications have been made to Leicester City Council Admissions Department at the end of October, the long and eager wait occurs until March, when students receive news of their allocated school.  There are many aspects of the transition process and our designated transition team will keep you informed.  The aim of the team is to reduce anxiety and promote a positive transition from the primary to secondary phase of education.  We welcome any communication during the transition process, and our Administrator who deals with transition, Ms M Tomlinson, will try to answer any questions raised by parents/carers and students.


Year 7 transfer

Application forms can be obtained from your child’s primary school or you can contact the Schools Admissions Service

Parents/carers wishing to ensure their child secures a place at The City of Leicester College should identify us as their first choice. However, if a child’s name goes onto our waiting list, the criteria allocation below is used.

The priority order for places in Year 7 and Mid-term transfers will be in accordance with the LEA criteria for allocation of school places.

This is as follows:

  • Children who are in the care of the Local Authority
  • Children who are “on the list of children subject to Child Protection Plans”  and need to attend an alternative school to avoid the abuser
  • Children who live in the priority(formerly catchment) area for the College
  • Children who have a sibling (brother or sister) who will be attending the same school in years 7-10 from the proposed time of entry
  • Children living in the area of a closed school whose parents name one of the linked schools to that area. (See linked area below)
  • Children of parents/carers fleeing ‘domestic violence’
  • Other children

To help with the crucial decision, of choosing a secondary school, we try and support parents/carers in the following ways:

  • We visits primary schools to build up links
  • We provide presentations and information packs to students, teachers and parents/carers at the primary school
  • We organise ‘Enterprise Days’ and ‘Summer School’ where your child can take part in activities at the College
  • An Open Evening in September (Please see Events Calendar for key dates) for an opportunity for parents/carers to visit the College and talk to staff
  • We offer  the opportunity for you to visit the College independently
  • We offer the opportunity to join in one of our workshops aimed at supporting parents in filling in the application form.

Mid-term transfer

Parents/Carers who wish to change their child’s school should apply directly to the Schools Admission Service.

Linked Areas

Some addresses in the city lie within a “linked area” A linked area is an area which was previously served by a school which has since closed. If you live in a linked area you will have priority at more than one school. These schools will be listed in the letter sent out to you by the Admissions Service.

Once parents/carers have been informed by the Education Department that their child has been offered a place at The City of Leicester College they are advised to contact the college to arrange an appointment to discuss a starting date and any information relating to the child.

We would be happy to discuss any aspects of the application process with you and hope that the information here will help you in this process.

Year 7 – contact Ms M Tomlinson on 0116 2413984 ext 148 or email mtomlinson@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk

Sixth Form – contact Ms D Goldby on 0116 2413984 ext 106 or email dgoldby@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk