We are proud of our diverse community and the talents and characters of our young people and of the staff who support them. We believe that young people learn best when they are challenged and supported in a safe and happy environment. They respond to high expectations and firm, fair, consistent boundaries. Young people develop at different rates and differ in their needs and interests, which is what makes schools so fascinating and fun.

LearningCharterEvery student matters and their success and happiness are key.  We judge our success on students leaving us with the skills, knowledge, qualifications and confidence to face, and contribute, to local and global challenges and opportunities, today and in the future.

To support our college community and to ensure we achieve our vision, students and staff have worked together to create our Learning Charter.

The Learning Charter applies to all members of our college community.

Our College Vision

To develop an inclusive, dynamic, high achieving learning community, where are all students and staff are happy, whilst being supported and encouraged to be ambitious, achieve personal success and make a positive difference to their world.

Be happy, be ambitious, make a difference.