Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer our usual transition arrangements this year.  Moving to secondary school is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-wracking for both students and parents. To make you feel more comfortable about this exciting but huge change, we have compiled a range of experiences for Year 6 students moving into Year 7, and parents/carers, to give you a flavour of life at The City of Leicester College (TCOLC).

Please explore our on-line transition, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school via office@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk and your query will be directed to the most appropriate staff member.

You should have received this letter regarding Year 7 transition already:

Y6 – Y7 Transition letter

1. Welcome Assembly and GUide to virtual transition

Mr Hunt and Mr Vernon introduce you to TCOLC and the virtual transition experience.

Click HERE to view a PDF of the welcome assembly.

2. virtual Tour

Watch the video below and use the maps to try and familiarise yourself with the college!

Click HERE to view the College Map.

3. college information pack and faq

Click HERE to view your TCOLC information pack which includes frequently asked questions and much more.

4. examples of work in the different hub areas

As part of your transition you would normally have undertaken work from the different Hub areas. See below to find out which subjects are in which Hub and have a go at some of the work they have set for you.

  • Click HERE to view the Orange Hub work pack
  • Click HERE to view the Yellow Hub work pack and click HERE for the accompanying worksheet.
  • Click HERE to view the Green Hub work pack
  • Click HERE to view the Blue Hub work pack
  • Click HERE to view the Purple Hub work pack and click HERE for the accompanying worksheets.

5. meet your tutor

Now you know the name of your Form, click HERE to find out more about your Form Tutor!

6. special educational needs and inclusion resources

Click on the links below to meet the Inclusion Team and learn more about Inclusion.

7. Health and WELL-BEING assembly

Mr Hunt shares his thoughts on looking after your mental health during this difficult time.

8. my school task booklet

Now that you’ve learnt about your new school, let’s see what you know!

Click HERE to view your ‘My School‘ Booklet and fill in all the information you can about TCOLC.

As you learn more about your school, you can fill in more until you’re an expert!

Additional Information

We will be in touch soon about your start date.

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