Our year 6 transition team work closely with local primary schools to ensure that the transition process is a positive and exciting experience for both students and parents. We have clear and concise dialogue with local primary schools to ensure that all students’ needs are met from the start of their induction process into year 7, and that the whole transition process is as smooth and supportive as possible.

Members of the College Leadership Team and transition team visit primary schools to help put students at ease about the transition process, inform students about what life will be like at secondary school, answer any questions anxious students might raise, and also speak directly to year 6 teachers.

Mentors make targeted visits ensuring that they are fully prepared for any anxious or vulnerable pupils from day one.

The SENCo also visits to speak directly with year 6 teachers, and parents, about the needs of pupils with Special Educational needs.

We hold an annual open evening, inviting all year 6 students and parents from the community to visit the college, meet key members of staff, and explore the building, facilities and curriculum areas.

In the summer term, we have a transition day, where year 6 students will spend a day at the college, meeting new friends and familiarising themselves with their form group, Form Tutor, routines and classrooms.

There are also extra transition mornings where SEN students are invited to meet the Teaching Assistants, the SENCo and other key members of the Inclusion Team. Similarly, our team of Mentors run an event for students highlighted as needing further support during the transition process.

All year 7 students take part in a week long induction process, where they spend time with their form groups getting to know one another and the surroundings before being slowly integrated into a full time timetable. Part of this induction process is a visit to Bradgate Park with the year group.

Our Mentors run a Nurture Group to help settle vulnerable year 7 students into secondary school life who might find this process somewhat challenging.

For the past three years we have run a transition summer school for Y6 students who would benefit from additional support in literacy and/or numeracy or who are potentially vulnerable at transition because they are transferring on their own or have specific learning, social or behaviour needs.