Supporting Your Gifted and Talented and Very Able Child

The Gifted and Talented programme at the City of Leicester College aims to offer extensive and comprehensive quality learning experiences, both within the curriculum and beyond, opportunities to encourage all students to maximise their potential. Students are identified for the G&T and VA programme through using a range of qualitative and quantitative evidence. The College recognises that gifted and talented students benefit from differentiated strategies to extend and enhance their personal and academic development. We believe provision for gifted and talented students is effective when it is treated as a whole school issue and is actively supported by parents.

Please contact Tina Searle, Professional Tutor, for further information

For information on the curricular and extra-curricular provision for G&T and VA students and advice for parents on how to support your child, please click on the Learning without Limits image below to see a copy of our latest information leaflet.

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Please click on the image below for Year 7 Gifted & Talented and High Achievers Information

Year 7 Gifted and talented and high achievers