Tucasi – Online Payment

We are currently experiencing issues with SCOpay, our online payment system. The system may be showing an incorrect balance for your child. In some cases, students’ accounts are now in their overdraft, despite SCOpay saying that the account is in credit.

Please continue to top up your child’s account as you would normally. Your child can check their correct balance at the school canteen or school office. If you have any queries, please contact the school office. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.



The City of Leicester College operates an online payment system which enables parents/carers to pay for school meals, visits and other activities using the Internet. Parents/Carers are provided with login details and a unique online link code when students start at the college.

The school catering facilities operate a cashless catering system when students and staff wish to purchase any food. Students can load money onto their accounts at the cash kiosks around the college. Alternatively, parents/carers can top up their accounts electronically via the link below.

Parents/Carers who have any queries about online payments are asked to contact the main office at college.

To access your Tucasi account please click onto the following link: