General Entry Requirements

For all Level 3 subjects six passes (9-4) or more at GCSE’s are required including Grade 5 in Maths and/or English Language.  

Under exceptional circumstances students may be able to combine Level 2 [GCSE’s] and Level 3 subjects into their Programme of Study.


SubjectGCSE MathsOther Requirements
AccountancyGrade 6
ArtGCSE 5 in Art or previous portfolio evidence.
BiologyGrade 666 in Double Science; if triple 665 with 6 in Biology.
Business St
ChemistryGrade 666 in Double Science; if triple 665 with 6 in Chemistry.
ComputingGrade 6
Core Maths (AS)Grade 5
DramaGCSE Drama is not essential but previous performance experience is desirable.
English Lang & LitGrade 6 in English Language is desirable.
English LitGrade 6 in English Literature is desirable.
FrenchGrade 6 in GCSE French.
GeographyGrade 6 in Geography if taken.
Graphic DesignGrade 6 in Graphics or previous portfolio evidence.
HistoryGrade 6 in History if taken. Preferably Grade 6 in English Language. If not taken History, definitely a 6 in English Language.
MathematicsGrade 6In exceptional circumstances Grade 5 will be considered. In exceptional circumstances Grade 4 in English Language may be considered.
Further MathsGrade 7In some circumstances a grade 6 will be considered.
Media studies
PhotographyPrevious A,D &T portfolio experience is beneficial.
PhysicsGrade 666 in Double Science; if triple 665 with 6 in Physics.
Religious Studies
SpanishGrade 6 in GCSE Spanish.
TextilesGCSE 6 in Textiles or previous portfolio evidence.


BTEC Business
Diploma/Ext Cert
Merit at BTEC Level 2 if taken; Grade 5 in GCSE Maths & English is desirable.
BTEC Health & Social Care
Diploma/Ext Cert
Merit at BTEC Level 2 if taken; Grade 5 in GCSE English is desirable.
Cambridge Technical Sport - Extended CertificateGrade 5 in GCSE Maths & Grade C in Science is desirable.
Cambridge Technical IT - Int Diploma / DiplomaMerit at Level 2 if taken; Grade 5 in GCSE Maths.
Access to Music BTEC Subsidiary DiplomaAbility and commitment. An audition is required.
AQA Applied Science - Extended CertificateGrade 5's in Maths and Science subjects


To access these level 2 Programmes of study students will need a majority of grade 3’s at GCSE. Students will be required to take GCSE’s in English and Mathematics (unless they have a grade 4) alongside a Level 2 Cambridge Technical Diploma in either Health and Social Care or Business Administration. These courses will run for one year and once completed successfully will enable you to progress onto Level 3 courses in the following year.