The Behaviour Support Unit is staffed by two Behaviour Support Workers, Ms Kyah Frederick and Mr Anton Amoo. Their role is to support the students and staff of the College through ensuring that the Behaviour for Learning code is adhered to. 


Behaviour in Lessons

What to do at the start of the lesson

  1. Line up quietly outside the classroom.
  2. Take your coat off. Make sure you are not chewing, eating or drinking (except water).
  3. Be in your seat when the bell rings to start the lesson.
  4. Have your equipment and Student Planner on your desk ready to start the lesson.
  5. Keep silent during the register.

What to do during the lesson

  1. Listen to instructions and follow them carefully.
  2. Work to the best of your ability to achieve the learning outcomes of the lesson.
  3. Listen respectfully to others.
  4. Present your work neatly, clearly and accurately.
  5. Leave others, and their property, alone.
  6. Sort out problems after the lesson.
  7. Do not leave the classroom without permission.

What to do at the end of the lesson

  1. Leave your work space tidy.
  2. Stay at your place until you are told to leave.


Behaviour around College

How to behave around College

  1. Behave in a calm and reasonable way at all times.
  2. Do as asked by all members of staff.
  3. Respect others and their property.
  4. Walk quietly on the left in the corridors.
  5. Follow the one way systems around the college.
  6. Do not eat and drink in the corridors.
  7. Put all litter in the bins provided.


Behaviour before and after College

Whilst students are in uniform, on their way to and from College, they are representing the College and are expected to follow the behaviour code.


What will happen if students do not follow the Behaviour Code in class?

Stage 0 You will receive a reminder from the member of staff about how you are expected to behave.

Stage 1 You will receive a formal spoken warning. If you do not co-operate…

Stage 2 You will be asked to sit in a different place in the classroom. Stage 2 will be recorded. If you still do not co-operate…

Stage 3 Stage 3 will be recorded and you will be asked to leave the classroom. After 5 minutes you will be given the chance to work with the class again. If you continue to misbehave…

Stage 4 You will be moved to another classroom to work with a different teacher. Stage 4 will be recorded and a suitable punishment given. A letter will be sent home to your parent/carer. If you do not work appropriately in the new classroom…

Stage 5 Stage 5 will be recorded and you will be removed and placed in the Behaviour Support Unit. You will be required to attend Late School (12.00 – 4.00pm) on the following day.

Stage 6 Stage 6 will be recorded and you will be excluded from College.