Attendance Matters

Coronavirus school absence update.

As schools reopen fully after the third lockdown, children will be expected to attend as normal once their cohort is welcomed back.

This means you could potentially be fined if your child is absent for unauthorised reasons

There are, however, circumstances in which pupils may/should be kept off school:

  • If your child or a member of their household is self-isolating because of a positive test for, or symptoms of, Covid-19.
  • If your child is self-isolating because they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for, or has symptoms of, Covid-19 (e.g. if Test and Trace shows they have been in a space at the same time as someone who later developed the illness).
  • If your child has to quarantine as a result of travelling abroad (bear this in mind if you’re booking holidays for later in the year).
  • If your child is extremely clinically vulnerable, i.e. shielding. If a member of the household is extremely clinically vulnerable, however, your child should still go to school, even if there is a local lockdown.

If your child does have to stay home for the above reasons, their absence will be marked as authorised, and their school should provide remote learning, as when we were in full lockdown.

From March 8 2021 (in England) when schools reopen fully, you must send your child to school if they are a registered pupil, except in the above circumstances or if they are otherwise unwell, otherwise you may be fined.

You cannot keep your child off school because you or they are anxious about the risk of coronoavirus. If you have concerns, speak to the school, which will hopefully reassure you about the Covid safety measures in place.