Our ‘motto’ Be Happy, Be Ambitious, Make a Difference reflects our aim to develop young people who will experience contentment, aspire to great acts and play their part in society. It challenges our young people to flourish now and develop essential lifelong skills and character to ensure a bright future.

We would be interested in working more closely with groups, societies and agencies who can genuinely provide additional and different opportunities for our young people.

We are also keen to encourage the community to make use of our wonderful building and site. The College has been designed to make it an attractive venue for private functions, performances and community groups. We have state of the arc music and drama facilities, large flexible spaces both inside and outside with the ability to zone areas to afford users privacy and security.

The City of Leicester College is keen to be a key member of the local and wider community and play a significant role participating in the lives of students and their families, businesses and charities in Evington, Leicester and further afield both nationally and internationally.

Wherever possible we look to work collaboratively with partner organisations including other local schools, colleges and universities as well as businesses and charities. We aim to embrace opportunities for our students and maximise the impact of our actions in both developing social responsibility amongst our students and in their actions on the community.

Information on the pages in this section of the website are aimed at expanding on some of the many links that we are developing. We have also indicated below contact details for any other information or to become more involved in our projects.

A’Isha Khan One Nepal        akhan@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk

Mel Tomlinson Primary Links           mtomlinson@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk

Diane Goldby University Links       dgoldby@cityleicester.leicester.sch.uk

Louise Modi Lettings