The City of Leicester College and Leicestershire Secondary Schools Heartsafe Programme

28th February 2014 was the launch of the Leicestershire Secondary Schools Heartsafe Programme at the Leicester Tigers Rugby Ground.  Year 10 student ambassadors from secondary schools across the city and county attended presentations and workshops organised by the University Hospitals of Leicester and The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust. The programme now operates under the name heartwize.

16th January 2017 was a very successful event for our Year 10 students in 10RLH, 10OKM, 10SYD and 10STC as they were part of the Heartwize defibrillator training. Heart specialist from around the country came to deliver the training and they were hugely impressed with the efforts, maturity and the knowledge the students displayed throughout the 2 hours.  All our students were a real credit to the college. By the end of the session nearly all students felt capable and confident in delivering CPR in a life – saving situation. We look forward to 10CLB, 10RAI, 10PES and 10RLP embarking upon the same life changing training in the upcoming term

Heartsafe Y10 - Jan 2017  Heartsafe Y10 - Jan 2017 a

Whilst cardiac arrest is most common outside the school environment, tragically it can occur in the young due to unrecognised inheritable heart conditions. The of Joe Humphries, a young life, at the De Lisle School locally illustrates this sad possibility. The establishment of the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT) to promote awareness about this topic has lead naturally to collaboration with the other agencies on this resuscitation project. The aim is to ensure all teenagers in the City and County are given this cardiac arrest rescue training. There are literally thousands of lives that could be saved if bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest took the right immediate action.

  • In the UK 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests per year are attended by the emergency services
  • Over half are witnessed by bystanders or family members
  • Survival = 10.7% this equates to 27,000 deaths per year
  • Compare this with 12,000 breast cancer deaths and 3,000 road traffic accident deaths

Defibrillator SignHeartSAFE CommunityJoe Humphries Memorial Trust

At the Heartsafe launch on completion of the mornings events, which included our ambassadors being trained in emergency cardiac rescue and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) unit, one very positive outcome of the event was for our school to be presented with our own AED. This device is now in College and would be instrumental in the immediate treatment action if a cardiac arrest occurred in our own school environment.

The plan is now for more staff and student ambassadors at The City of Leicester College to be trained and for the programme to be rolled out to all of Year 10 and then the entire college staff and student community. The same will occur in all local secondary schools and the aim is for a generation of young people in Leicestershire to be competent in delivering Emergency Life Saving (ELS) treatment.

HeartSAFE Chain of Survival

Leicestershire schools along with the JHMT are leading the way in what is hoped will eventually become a nation-wide programme.

One look at the chart below shows how worthwhile this could be when we consider the success of bystanders delivering ELS treatment in the UK compared to countries that have had widespread public AED access and training programmes for a number of years.

HeartSAFE Chart

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