Blessed Home orphanage

Before and After Pictures

The Blessed Home Orphanage Bedroom
Here is a picture of the girls’ bedroom at The Blessed Home Orphanage. Previously, the room was just a shell and had no fitted windows or doors. Through fundraising, we have now provided secure walls, windows and doors for the girl’s bedroom. Last year our Expedition students joined the girls in painting their finished room.

The Blessed Orphanage Staircase
The open staircase at The Blessed Home was incredibly dangerous for the orphan children. We funded the home to have a secure banister along with new windows and a safe staircase.

Below left is Malati (7) enjoying a cup of tea in the kitchen area of The Blessed Home Orphanage. There were no windows in this area, something which was a huge problem for all especially during the monsoon and winter seasons. the City of Leicester College has now funded new windows to be fitted in the kitchen/dining area.

The Blessed Home Orphanage Plumbing
In May 2014, The City of Leicester College sent funds for an extension to be built at The Blessed Home Orphanage.
The materials have now been bought and the building work has commenced. We are hoping to help decorate the extension during our Nepal Expedition 2014.


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