We are committed to the development of the whole child. In order to become enterprising, independent citizens, who will thrive in the challenges of the 21st Century global community.

Throughout their seven years at The City of Leicester College, our students experience a wide range of trips, residentials and visiting speakers to enhance their learning in the curriculum.

Whether a student has a particular skill or interest, or wants to develop new skills, there is a wealth of opportunities waiting to be explored.


ActivityYear GroupDayTimeWhereTeacher
Steel PansAll YearsMondayAfter SchoolF27M Douglas
Music PractiseYear 8 & 10TuesdayLunchtime (13:25)G23Music Department Staff
Whole School BandAll YearsTuesdayAfter SchoolG23Music Department Staff
Netball All YearsTuesdayAfter SchoolMUGAC Myford
BasketballAll YearsTuesdayAfter SchoolSports HallH Machin
K Smith
FootballYear 9 (Boys)TuesdayAfter SchoolFieldN Lockwood
Philosophy ClubYear 9 & 11TuesdayLunchtime (12:25)G28J Carr
AthleticsAll YearsWednesdayAfter SchoolSports HallC Myford
Music PractiseYear 7, 9 & 11WednesdayLunchtime (12:25)G23Music Department Staff
FootballYear 8 (Boys)WednesdayAfter SchoolFieldA Cruickshank
Lego LeagueYear 9 & 10WednesdayAfter SchoolF8C Nelson
Textile's ClubAll YearsWednesday
After SchoolG11C Arblaster
Textile's ClubAll YearsThursdayAfter SchoolG11C Arblaster
FootballYear 10 & 11 (Boys)ThursdayAfter SchoolFieldN D'Arcy
FootballYear 7 (Boys)ThursdayAfter SchoolFieldS McGeehan
BadmintonAll YearsThursdayAfter SchoolSports HallS Ball
Science ClubYear 7 & 8ThursdayAfter SchoolF12Z Tariq
Music TechnologyAll YearsFridayAfter SchoolF27Music Department Staff