At The City of Leicester College we have a broad and exciting curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 (KS3). As well as all students studying a range of subjects as part of their core curriculum, they also take part in theme days and activities throughout the three years. Mid-way through Year 9 students will begin the process of choosing which subjects to continue with in Year 10 as part of their progression onto GCSE.

Our curriculum across key stages three, four and five is underpinned by our six curriculum principles, which are outlined below:


Ensuring that what we teach our students is relevant to their lives and context.
2. Rationalised Content

A curriculum that is broad yet focused on what is important; one that has clear concepts to be taught and knowledge to be gained. Content needs to be appropriately challenging in its content, texts, concepts, resources
3. A Sequenced Journey

Consideration must be given to where units are placed; how they build on prior learning and how they are sequenced so learning is connected and logical. Students should be included in understanding how their learning journey fits together.
4. Ambitious Learning

Ensuring that the curriculum we deliver is challenging and ambitious for all students at all levels, including those students with SEND, EAL, or other groups.
5. Inspiring Learning

Our mantra is to ‘Be Happy, Be Ambitious and Make a Difference’. This is about making sure our students enjoy their learning so they are motivated to learn, and in turn are inspired to extend their learning in further education and be confident that they can positively impact the world around them.
6. Learning that Lasts Forever

If students can’t remember what they were taught last lesson, then has it been learnt? It’s important to shift knowledge from the working memory into the long-term memory so students can remember, and build on, what they have been taught.

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