Covid-19 statement for University admissions teams

Students are applying to University this year after the most unusual and disrupted period of education that any of us have experienced. We acknowledge that all students across the country will have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. However, we felt that we should take this opportunity to put our college situation into context.

We are a large comprehensive school of 1700 students which is situated in the east of the City of Leicester. As is well documented, this part of the country has been among the worst affected areas and has had consistently high cases of Covid-19 since Spring 2020. The City of Leicester has been subject to enhanced lockdown measures for most of the past 6 months. Many of our students live in the parts of the city that had the highest rates of infection. The stress placed on our families due to the fear of infection, unstable employment and financial hardship cannot be underestimated.

A week before the official lockdown we made the strategic decision to send Year 12 students home. Although we were able to arrange some keep in touch appointments in June, we were unable to reintroduce face to face learning until September. For our Yr12 (now Yr13) students this meant that they spent six months out of the classroom.  During lockdown students were instructed to engage in remote learning. This involved subject teachers setting work via email and responding to student queries. Students were set work that could be submitted to their teacher for feedback. We were not in a position to offer any live online lessons.

End of year exams scheduled for June 2020 were cancelled. Normally these examinations provide subject teachers with information that they would take into consideration when determining predicted grades. In order to support re-integration into school and to ascertain the student’s level of knowledge, all subjects were instructed to set “early assessments” in September. Staff would have used these assessments when determining predicted grades.

If you wish to discuss any applications you have received then please contact the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Mitch Chadwick on