Summer Exam Results 2020

Many students will soon be receiving their exam results. Please follow this link to the Ofqual Student Guidance to help your understanding of this year’s process.

The Centre Assessed Grades that we submitted to the exam boards for you were made by your teachers based on a range of evidence, including classwork, homework and mock exams. These grades were moderated in school following an internal quality assurance process. The exam boards then applied a standardisation process to ensure that grades awarded were consistent with those from other years. In certain circumstances some submitted grades will be adjusted by the exam board. Under the extreme circumstances this was the fairest possible approach available. It has been a rigorous process intended to ensure that the grades awarded this year are as valid as those from any other year.

On results day your results will be e-mailed to your school email address (13/8/2020 for A Level and 20/8/2020 for GCSE). They will be in the same format as for previous year’s results and the email will include further information that we feel will help you.

Once you have your grades you may consider sitting autumn exams to improve them. We firstly ask that you take some time to think about this. We strongly recommend that you talk to your college/university. You may well be able to do the course you had planned to with the grades you have. To be successful in the autumn exams you will need to have maintained studying the course since March 2020. The exams will be in the same format as the summer 2020 exams would have been, covering the same full content of the course. If, having considered this, you still would like to register interest in sitting an autumn exam please complete the Autumn Exam Form. This form will be available to you from your results email. You will need to register your interest in sitting an Autumn exam by 27/8/2020 for A Level and by 3/9/2020 for GCSE.

Exam dates are planned to run from:

  • 5th – 23rd October for A Levels with results in December 2020
  • 2nd – 23rd November for GCSEs with results in January 2021

Certificates for the Summer 2020 exams will be available from the College at the beginning of December 2020. We will put information onto the website when they are ready to collect.

Autumn Exam Form

CAG Request Form