UKMT 25 Problem Challenge

30 of our very best mathematical problem solvers from Year 10 and Year 11 took on the 25 problem challenge on 3rd February 2022. We were back on paper this year after two years of online entries due to, you guessed it, Covid!
The questions in the IMC are designed to challenge students to think, not to guess and they’re not allowed to use a calculator or even squared paper! They gain more marks, and more satisfaction, by doing one question carefully than by guessing lots of answers. It’s all about solving interesting problems!
Well done to all the students who competed this year!
  • Year 10: Aryan, Diya, Krisha, Aqsa, Prina, Reuben, Payal, Aazim, Yahya, Aryan, Jessima, Ammara, Ross, Anmolpreet, Youssef, Mohammed and Aamirah.
  • Year 11: Leon, Leila, Navjit, Raaz, Nakul, Piyush, Riya, Simran, Wassim, Randeep, Shahryar, Radiyah and Romana.
I know all the students are keen to hear how they’ve done. The results are expected to be out at the beginning of March – watch this space!!!
Mr Large – Maths.