Welcome Back!

Welcome back to The City of Leicester College – please watch this video to help you prepare for the new term.

PE lessons will be operating as normal from September 1st. Teaching staff have planned a socially distanced provision that will encourage students to continue to develop or regain their physical fitness, interact with their peers, build confidence, have fun and reintegrate them into the ‘new norm’ that is education at the moment. In order for students to remain safe and make the most of these lessons, can you please ensure that students are prepared in the following ways:

  • Arrive to college in PE kit on the days that they are timetabled to have PE.
  • Have a change of shoes and plastic bag to put the shoes used in lesson in (in the case of them becoming wet or dirty).
  • Lessons will be, for the majority, outside and therefore students should have a jumper and performance jacket (not a ‘general wear’ coat) to keep themselves warm and dry.
  • Students do not wear jewellery on the days that they have PE.

So that students can be suitably prepared for lessons, the rotation of sports for both the boys and the girls are listed below. Students will specifically find out which sport they are starting with once lessons begin and they have met their class teacher.

  • Boys – Football, Fitness and Athletics (Field)
  • Girls – Netball, Tennis and Fitness (MUGA)

We are very much looking forward to welcoming students back to lessons.