National Apprenticeship week – Monday 8th February – 14th February 2021

Below are activities which will help you to learn more about Apprenticeships, what they are and whether this may be a future pathway you are interested in.


Quiz -Which Apprenticeship am I?

Video – A-Z Apprentices

For students in Year 11, 12 and 13 there are activities and workshops you can participate in through UCAS. If you are interested in attending any of these then please sign up here

The full line-up

Time Subject
Monday 12:15 – 16:00



We’re talking to apprentices about what’s it’s really like to study and work at the same time! 
  • On-demand from 12:15 – ‘Five apprentices share their experiences’ (panel discussion) .
  • ‘Ask me anything’ Facebook Live Q&A from 15:00, with Courteney Sheppard (Customer Experience Manager, UCAS) and Tom Culley (apprentice learner, BT).
Tuesday 12:00 – 18:00 The main event – our live exhibition with employers!

Head over to our ‘Explore and Meet’ exhibition hall for the opportunity to meet and speak to employers about apprenticeship programmes in the subject areas that interest you most. Plus take part in live sessions throughout the day.

See who’s there 

On-demand from 12:15 – ‘Apprenticeships in the creative arts’.

Wednesday 12:15 – 14:45

It’s workshop day! To apply for an apprenticeship you’ll need a CV, application, and be prepared for an interview…

  • 12.15 – 12.45: Live CV workshop.
  • 14:.15 – 14:45: Live interview workshop.
  • On-demand from 12:15 – ‘The application clinic’ and ‘Ten easy tips to ace your interview’.
Thursday 12:15 – 18:00 Not sure which option is right for you? Let’s see what the people studying them think!

  • On-demand from 12:15 – ‘Advice from employers’ (panel discussion) and ‘Five great reasons to choose an apprenticeship’.
  • Live debate at 17:00: University or apprenticeship?
On-demand from 12:15
  • ‘Transforming apprenticeships… then and now’.
  • ‘The apprentice’s insider guide’ .

If you are a parent or carer and would like more information about Apprenticeships and how to support your child in pursuing this pathway, then please click here