National Apprenticeship Week 2022 takes place from 7th to 13th February 2022. This week brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to celebrate the value, benefit, and opportunity that apprenticeships bring.

The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is ‘Build the Future’, a continuation of the theme used in 2021 and allowing the week to link to the key pillars of the Build Back Better campaign.





Below are activities which will help you to learn more about Apprenticeships and whether this may be a future pathway you are interested in.


Apprenticeship Quiz

Video – A-Z Apprentices

Apprenticeships and subjects


Click on the subjects below to find out the different Apprenticeships linked with your favourite subjects 

 Maths                     English                        Business Studies                      Drama and Music             Geography                         History                 Food and Nutrition

ICT and Computing                    Languages                    PE and Sport                    Art & Design                           Science


If you are a parent or carer and would like more information about Apprenticeships and how to support your child in pursuing this pathway, then please click here