The College is dedicated to ensuring all students make progress. We recognise and welcome the diverse range of needs in our community.
The Inclusion Support team work hard to remove barriers to learning, and our team of professional staff work hard to identify the needs of individual students and provide specialist support.

Our team of teaching assistants provide in-class support for learners with special educational needs.  We also provide a range of focused small group interventions for students who need build their numeracy and literacy skills.

We have a highly skilled team of mentors who provide strategies to build confidence and give our students the support they need to achieve their potential.

The behaviour support team are committed to developing social and emotional skills and enabling our students to enjoy their learning.

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) team provide a range of support to ensure EAL children can fulfil the potential they have as learners. The focus is to support the needs of EAL learners effectively so that children may obtain a greater standard of language proficiency.  

We are keen to ensure that all of students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential whatever their starting point or learning needs. As with all schools some students have difficulties with learning from time to time, but we do not see this as a barrier to their aspirations and achievement.

Visit our SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability website page for more information.

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