Ethos & Values

Our ethos and values have been developed by staff, students and governors. It underpins all our work and decision making.


Our vision is to develop an inclusive, dynamic, and high achieving learning community, where every member is ambitious to develop all aspects of their character.  We aspire to be ambitious for all members of our community and support each other in achieving their very best.  We support this process through the four pillars of our character programme and staff are asked to constantly refer to these in conversations and indeed when dealing with rewarding or sanctioning students. Students have clear expectations when they are in school based around these pillars.


Our vision will be achieved by fostering a supportive, respectful culture of collaboration between students, parents, staff, and the community. Our college community:

  • Celebrates diversity and individual difference
  • Treats others with care and kindness
  • Is safe and nurturing
  • Is a stimulating, inspiring physical environment
  • Is reflective, responsive and embraces change
  • Is enterprising
  • Develops personal, collective, and social responsibility
  • Is inspired by and enjoys the beauty of lifelong learning
  • Aims to develop the character of all of our students through the four pillars


At TCOLC we aim to educate our young people by providing them with a wealth of opportunities that that builds each student’s character. This is through our character education activities that will arm students with the confidence and resilience to flourish in our modern global society.

We develop character through the TCOLC Character Pillars:

We use these terms as part of our daily language. Staff will reward all students for demonstrating these characters with character points that will build towards Character Awards and accomplishment of Character Challenges. These Character values underpin everything we do at the school and are seen across all areas of the college.