Changes to Reporting

At The City of Leicester College, we want our students to focus on being active and ambitious lifelong learners with excellent character traits of resilience and independence. A key way that will support this is to change how we share students’ target grades and predicted grades to ensure it is meaningful and benefits the progress of our students. Consequently, we have made some changes to the way we report to students and parents.
We will no longer share target grades with you or our students. We believe that target grades do not reflect a school that is striving to reach ambition for all, that they can cap ambition, create lack of motivation and are not helping our students’ mental health.
We will not give predicted grades for student until they reach spring term in year 9, but we will confirm whether we think students are progressing as expected in their subjects. Once robust information is available on students’ performance at GCSE and A Level, we will share predicted grades to support them to understand key areas for syllabus improvement and to use when considering college, university or career choices.

Due to these changes, our focus instead will be information about students’ performance in the classroom. From October 2021, we will use the following categories to define a students’ performance:

  • Ambitious– a student who independently takes control and extends their learning.
  • Active – a student who engages with their learning and seeks feedback and clarification.
  • Passive – a student who needs prompting to complete work and does not engage willingly.
  • Resistant – a student who avoids participation in their learning and distracts others.

Our reports will still come out three times a year and will give advice on how parents can support their child’s performance in the classroom.

We believe that these changes could allow our students to focus on improving their performance in the classroom and progress faster. If you have any concerns, feedback or require further explanation, please do get in touch.

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