SIMS Parent allows us to communicate information to parents such as attendance, behaviour, assessment, timetables and school diary events, and all of the information is easily accessible from the convenience of your phone, tablet or PC.

Existing SIMS Parent users wishing to logon using the webpage version please click here to be redirected to SIMS Parent, alternatively download and use the App from your mobile.

Registering for SIMS Parent

Click here for Registration instructions.

Contact your child’s Head of Year/AchCo or visit Reception for the registration forms and instructions or alternatively click here to download the form yourself.

Once you have completed the ‘SIMS Parent – Access Request Form’ you must return it to your child’s tutor, Head of Year/AchCo or directly to Reception at the College.

Please complete one form per request for access.

To register for SIMS Parent you need to have Parental responsibility for you child and have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail, Hotmail, Office 365.

Parents can use their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft Account credentials.

Creating a Google Account
Click here for Instructions on how to set up a Google Account are available directly from Google

Creating a Microsoft Account
Click here and follow the Instructions on how to set up a Microsoft Account directly available from Microsoft