Access To The Top 3rd Universities

Accelerate your path to the best Universities

With our “Accelerate your Ambition” programme The City of Leicester College supports those Year 12 and 13 students with the academic potential to attend leading universities, and access top professions such as law, medicine, engineering or teaching.

Statistics show that graduates, on average, earn £10k per year more than non-graduates, and those attending the most selective universities earn 40% more. However, at present only 19% of non-selective state school students access these top universities and courses. In order to try to redress this balance we have partnered with The Elephant Group, a leading education charity and support network.

Working with a regional collaboration of head teachers across the East Midlands and top universities including Oxford, Sheffield, York, Exeter, Newcastle, St George’s Medical School, SOAS and King’s College London, The City of Leicester College is now offering the Elephant Access programme to our Y12 and 13 students. Elephant Access provides a range of activities and experiences to support students’ aspirations, attainment and applications to top universities, and ensure our most academically capable students access top third universities at the end of their time with us.

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